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PETE&C has re-imagined the space at the Hershey Lodge and Hershey Hotel. Esports and VR Experiences will be in separate sides of the Aztec Room at the Lodge, while our new Summits will all be held at the Hershey Hotel. We want to streamline your conference experience and create a more immersive atmosphere. Due to sessions being consolidated by topic for the Summits, there is less reason and need for travel between the Hotel and the Lodge, outside of the individual Summits. There is also more creative use of both the session rooms and the Hotel and Lodge space.

What else is new in '24:

  • PETE&C Summits: PETE&C is proud to announce a new series of sessions for 2024 – PETE&C Summits. Summits focus on a concentrated, innovative, and future-focused topic which will begin with a mini-keynote. After the mini-keynote, participants will have up to 16 sessions to attend on that same topic for the morning or the afternoon block of time. Our Summits this year will debut at the Hotel Hershey in order to offer a unique venue for an equally unique learning experience. Click here to learn more details about this year’s PETE&C Summits.
  • New Playgrounds: This year will feature 3 new playground topics: Creativity, Chief Science Officers (CSO) and Computational Thinking / Computer Science (CT/CS). Playgrounds are designed as spaces where you can get hands on with presenters. There are small tables in an informal setting. All playgrounds will be held in the Aztec Room. Drop in and participate!!
    • Creativity - See examples of creativity being unleashed as well as engage in the Create Tables where you can produce your own artifact.
  • Flexible Learning Space: This space will be held in Cocoa 1. Come see sessions that take place in a specially designed and furnished flexible space. Join PETE&C and partner Fluxspace as we share what a future of education space looks like. You can learn and participate!
  • Affinity Groups: Join these intimate discussions for meaningful sharing. Network and build long-term relationships, while sharing your unique perspectives. These sessions will move with the needs of the group, providing an organic space to share and learn from each other. Sessions will include Educators of Color, LGBTQ+, Women in Leadership and Inclusiveness.
  • Birds of a Feather Sessions:  These sessions center around a topic and feature an opportunity to connect, discuss and network around that topic. This year's topics include Coaches, Leaders in Technology, Elementary Educators, and Supporting Students with Special Needs.
  • PETE&C Workshops: They are longer than regular sessions and can involve interactive exercises, group discussions, program certifications, and more. Program-specific representatives facilitate learning by guiding participants through hands-on activities and demonstrations.
    • Goals - Workshops emphasize the immediate use and application of program knowledge. Participants engage in activities reinforcing concepts and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
    • Types of Activities - Workshops include a variety of experiences. These could be interactive activities, simulations, hands-on tasks, or program-specific certifications.
  • Wellness Focus: Look for special sessions related to a focus on YOUR wellness. PETE will also feature Yoga sessions on Monday AM and Tuesday AM as well as sessions dedicated to you!
  • Invention Convention: The Pennsylvania Invention Convention (PAIC) has occurred at PETE&C several times over the years. In 2024 for the first time, we will be located at the Hershey Lodge! Swing by the Cocoa Suites on Wednesday morning to see what PA students have invented. Access may be limited when projects are being judged. PAIC is co-sponsored by PETE&C and the PA Instructional Media Services (PAIU PAIMS).
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