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New to PETE&C this year – Half Day Summits! We are excited to debut our Summits this year which will run for a half day AM or half day PM at The Hershey Hotel. Only Summits will take place at The Hershey Hotel this year as all other sessions and experiences will take place at the Hershey Lodge. In alignment with our PETE&C theme this year of Innovate… Collaborate... Future Focused, we are pleased to announce this year’s Summits:

Here is the exciting news about the Summits!

  • Summits will take place at The Hotel Hershey and offer up to 16 sessions specific to the Summit topic. Click on the Summit link above in order to view specific Summit information and sessions.
  • Registration will be available at the Hotel.
  • For each AM Summit, we will be simulcasting the General Session Keynote in The Hotel Hershey so attendees can report to The Hotel without missing the Keynote, then attend the Summit.
  • Each Summit will kick-off with its own Keynote.
  • During each Summit, there will be no competing sessions of the same topic at the lodge. For example, during the AI Summit, there will be no AI sessions occurring at the lodge during that time frame.
  • Summit sessions will NOT be recorded, so make sure you attend the Summit(s) that apply to you!

 Follow These Three Easy Steps to Attend a Summit:

1. Determine which Summit(s) you want to attend!
2. Catch a shuttle from the conference center main entrance to the hotel to attend a
    Summit or drive! (It is only a short 10 minute drive.)
3. Enter The Hotel at Hershey and go up two floors to attend the Summit Keynote and
    concurrent sessions. Enjoy the General Session Keynote simulcast prior to the
    AM Summits.

** Please note: The General Session/Keynotes will be simulcasted at The Hotel Herhsey for AM Summit attendees on both Monday and Tuesday mornings.

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