Sponsorship FAQ

What are my options to participate as a sponsor in VPETE2021?

There are four levels of sponsor participation in VPETE2021: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Please see the table below for more details about the opportunities at each level.

Sponsorship Chart

Silver Sponsorship at VPETE2021

Silver Sponsors will have their company logo displayed on the VPETE2021 website, on the mobile event app and in all conference materials, including an ad in the digital program guide that will be provided to all attendees. Silver Sponsors will receive an attendee mailing list and will have a VPETE2021 sponsor logo that they can display on their websites.

Additionally, Silver Sponsors will have information about their company and their VPETE sponsorship shared with all attendees in pre-event emails, and their company and sponsorship will be highlighted in VPETE’s social media.

Silver Sponsors will also have priority booth reservation for the 2022 PETE conference, allowing them to reserve their booth(s) online before booth sales open to the public. There are only 50 Silver Sponsor opportunities for VPETE2021.

Gold Sponsorship at VPETE2021

Gold Sponsors have all the opportunities available to Silver Sponsors—including the priority booth reservation for 2022. In addition, Gold Sponsors also have the opportunity to provide a pre-recorded 20-minute session to attendees, followed by an opportunity for a live Q and A with attendees. Gold Sponsors also receive two complimentary conference registrations.

There are only 20 Gold Sponsor opportunities for VPETE2021.

Platinum Sponsorship at VPETE2021

Platinum Sponsors have all of the opportunities available to Gold Sponsors—including the priority booth reservation for 2022—in addition to the fact that they will be introduced as a Platinum Sponsor prior to one of the four keynote/featured speaker sessions at the conference. As part of this benefit, they will have the opportunity to develop a two-minute pre-recorded video to be shared with all attendees prior to the beginning of the keynote/featured speaker.

There are only four Platinum Sponsor opportunities for VPETE2021.

Diamond Sponsorship at VPETE2021

The Diamond Sponsor is the most exclusive sponsor for VPETE2021, with only one opportunity available.

The Diamond Sponsor has all of the opportunities available to Platinum Sponsors, with the exception that the pre-recorded 20-minute session is replaced with 12 educational sessions to be presented as part of the VPETE2021 conference program. The Diamond Sponsor receives four complimentary conference registrations.

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