F2F Program

Throughout Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, you have the opportunity to attend concurrent sessions, which offer a variety of topics in the world of technology. These hour-long sessions are jam-packed with information to take back to your LEA. 

Keynote Speakers:

Jimmy Casas
Culturize – Every Student. Every Day. Whatever it Takes.
Eradicate Average! CULTURIZE Your School. Average schools don't inspire greatness--and greatness is what our schools need if we are going to produce world-changing learners. In this presentation author and education leader Jimmy Casas shares his 4 Core Principles - Champion for All Kids, Expect Excellence, Carry the Banner and Merchant of Hope, to maximize student learning and remind us that every child deserves to be a part of something great. Jimmy draws from his personal experiences as a struggling student and his insight from working in an inner city school to remind you of your purpose and reignite your passion as an educator. This session will inspire you to go do whatever it takes for all students to be successful!
Gregg Behr, Dr. Laura Jacob, Dr. Todd Keruskin, Dr. Sue Mariani
The Fred Method
Born in Latrobe and living much of his life in Pittsburgh, Fred Rogers was thoroughly western Pennsylvanian. Across the western part of our state, his legacy continues to inspire educators deeply. Why? Because Mister Rogers’ “tools for learning” may be more important now than during the heydays of the Neighborhood. Because today’s science of learning is catching up to what Fred was doing years ago. Because Mister Rogers made us feel accepted, safe, and special; and he still does. Across western Pennsylvania, educators involved in an educational network called Remake Learning employ the “Fred Method,” going about their work as Fred did: connecting whole-child frameworks with what we’re learning about learning itself. Join this keynote panel to learn more about the Fred Method, about Remake Learning, and about some practical ways in which educators in the California Area, Duquesne City, and Elizabeth-Forward school districts are taking Fred’s legacy forward – and you might, too.
Speakers: Gregg Behr, executive director of The Grable Foundation, co-chair for Remake Learning, and co-author of When You Wonder, You’re Learning
Dr. Laura Jacob, superintendent of the California Area School District
Dr. Todd Keruskin, superintendent of the Elizabeth-Forward School District
Dr. Sue Mariani, superintendent of the Duquesne City School District
Dr. Adolph Brown
Closing The Empathy Gap
Closing the Empathy Gap™ is apart of Dr. Brown's groundbreaking research stemming from his doctoral dissertation https://bit.ly/38lTFKc resulting in Dr. Brown providing successful seminars to countless law enforcement agencies, businesses, and educational institutions around the world. Dr. Brown coined the terms "The Empathy Gap™" as the space that exist between individuals where there's not a bridge of understanding and compassion. Empathy is the foundation for which human beings connect. When the connection is absent, anything built up this divided foundation, will also have a divide - health, wealth, justice, achievement, equity, etc. Dr. Brown's master theses and doctoral dissertation helped him set the stage for his life's work of Spreading Love, Light and Insight while bridging the various divides built upon the Empathy Gap™. This is an inspiring and informing journey of self-reflection and if needed, self-correction.



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