PETE&C Summits

Back for year 2 – Half Day Summits!
We are excited to offer our Summits again this year. They will run for a half day AM or half day PM at the Hotel Hershey on both Monday and Tuesday. Like last year, only Summits will take place at the Hotel Hershey this year, and all other sessions and experiences will be run at the Hershey Lodge. New this year, we are adding an additional Summit on Wednesday AM which will take place at the Hershey Lodge.

2025 Summit Schedule
Monday, February 10, 2025 - Online Learning Summit (AM) - New this year!
Monday, February 10, 2025 - Student-Centered Learning Summit (PM) - New this year!
Tuesday, February 11, 2025 - AI Summit (AM)
Tuesday, February 11, 2025 - STEELS/STEM Summit (PM)
Wednesday, February 12, 2025 - Cybersecurity Summit (AM @ the Hershey Lodge) - New location this year!

Summit Details:

  • Monday and Tuesday Summits will take place at The Hotel Hershey and offer up to 16 sessions specific to the Summit topic. The Wednesday Summit will take place at the Hershey Lodge.
  • Registration - If you don't check-in at the Lodge prior to attending the Summit, there will be a registration kiosk in the lobby at the Hotel Hershey. You will receive a temporary registration badge that you will use during the Summits and trade in for your actual badge during your full registration at the Lodge.
  • For each AM Summit at the Hotel Hershey, the General Session/Opening Keynote will be simulcast in Castilian Room at The Hotel Hershey.
  • Each Summit at the Hotel Hershey will kick-off with its own half hour Keynote in the Castilian Room and will be simulcasted to the some of the session rooms. The Wednesday Cybersecurity Summit will also kick-off with its own half hour Keynote (room TBD).
  • During each Summit, there will be no competing sessions of the same topic at the Hershey Lodge.
  • Summit sessions will NOT be recorded, so make sure you attend the Summit(s) that apply to you!

 Follow These Three Easy Steps to Attend a Summit:

1. Determine which Summit(s) you want to attend!
2. Drive to the Hotel Hershey or catch a shuttle from the convention center main entrance!
(It is only a short 10 minute drive.)
3. Enter the Hotel Hershey and go up two floors from the main lobby to attend the Summit Keynote      in the Castilian Room and down a floor for the concurrent sessions in the Garden Terrace Lobby.