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Volunteering at PETE&C

We recruit volunteers at PETE&C to help us make the conference run smoothly and to assist attendees for a great conference experience. Volunteers help in all aspects of the conference from working behind the registration desks to guiding attendee traffic to contributing to social media during the conference. 

There are some great perks to being a volunteer! As a volunteer, you may be provided with conference registration, lodging, some meals, an awesome PETE&C volunteer shirt, great networking opportunities, and the chance to witness behind-the-scenes of our amazing conference. 

Along with the transition of venue to Pittsburgh, some changes are being made concerning the volunteer program as well.  We are going to limit daily volunteer hours to approximately 4-5 hours per day and a majority of the time spent volunteering will be helping with the conference flow (registration desks, shuttle bus stops, etc.) It should also be noted that most volunteers WILL NOT be introducing sessions and presenters in 2020. 

Volunteers accepted into the program are typically notified by early December.  


Here’s what some of our volunteers have had to say about volunteering at PETE&C:

DO IT! Volunteering is the best of both worlds. You get to attend one of the premier technology conferences in the country and you get to help the attendees have a great time. - Carol

Volunteering for the first time, I was exposed to so much more the conference had to offer that I had not previously known. - Mike

Go for it! It’s a valuable networking and learning experience! – Anne

Be aware that your time will not all be your own, and that you might miss sessions you wanted to see.- Kerin

It's worth it! There will be many moments that make you smile, and you'll make connections with incredible educators who will inspire you and encourage you. – Rebecca

Don't expect to get to all the sessions you normally would if you were an attendee. You will not have as much freedom to network and "let your hair down". But, what you do get is the opportunity to make a great conference even better. You will get to be the face of PETE&C and you will get the opportunity to network with some of the most knowledgeable technology educators in PA.- Cheryl

It's a lot of work, but the other volunteers are wonderful people. And helping others have a great conference is a good way to give back :-) - Amy

Just do it! Don't be nervous it is a great experience no matter what year teacher you are! – Sam

Do it, but be committed and responsible.- Marty

This is one of the best ways to attend if your district does not pay. You will have to work but you will have time to attend sessions, and you will meet some great people along the way. - Thomas

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