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  • 3-Day Conference Registration: Up to 15 hours
  • 2-Day Conference Registration (Monday/Tuesday): Up to 11 hours
  • 2-Day Conference Registration (Tuesday/Wednesday): Up to 9 hours
  • 1-Day Conference Registration (Monday): Up to 5 hours
  • 1-Day Conference Registration (Tuesday): Up to 6 hours
  • 1-Day Wednesday Conference Registration: Up to 3 hours

You must complete the online session evaluations to verify your participation in this session and for credits to be awarded.

Evaluations must be completed by February 28. After this time the Act 48 team will begin to process the data and submit the credits to the PERMS system your credits should be showing by the end of the second week of March. Contact Andrew Rucker at with questions.

PETE&C Evaluations and Act 48
Thank you again for your support of PETE&C Evaluations Click here for the session evaluations. You will need to submit an evaluation to be eligible for Act 48 credits.


Additional Act 48 credits are available to successful completers of PETE&C Micro-Credentials hosted on the PSU Digital Badge Platform.  The micro-credential must be earned and participant information submitted HERE no later than May 31, after which the data will be submitted to PERMS for processing in June. Contact Jill Neuhard ( with questions regarding PETE&C Micro-Credential Act 48 hours.

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