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Board of Directors
PASBO Rich Hug President
PAECT Brandon Lutz President-Elect
PASBO Jay Himes Secretary/Treasurer
PDE  Leonard Sweeney Immediate Past President
PAECT Scott Snyder  
PAIMS Daniel Berger  
PAIMS Dr. Kevin Andreyo  
PDE Amy Munro  


Committee Contacts
Marketing / Website PASBO Lynn Bubb
Bryce Cossitor
Andrew Rucker
Suzy Yorty
Finance PASBO Jay Himes
Exhibitors PASBO Karen Rogers
Program Committee PAECT Brandon Lutz
Volunteers PAECT Brandie Boback
Keynote Speakers PAECT Dr. Ann Noonen
Preconf. Workshops PAIMS Janet Dubble
Registration/Act 48 PASBO Andrew Rucker
Suzy Yorty
Logistics / Facilities PASBO Jay Himes
Entertainment PASBO Suzy Yorty
Equipment Coordination PAIMS Jill Neuhard
Student Showcase PAIMS Diane Thomson
Conference Evaluations PAECT Mary Beth Hengelbrok
Higher Education Liaison PAECT Lynn Hummel
Sun. Night Presentations PAECT Dom Salvucci

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